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General Fabric

  • Specification Manufacturing range: 110 gsm to 180 gsm
  • Where to use Cotton wool and others

A fabric made of fibrous tissue made by pressing several layers of webs together

Key features

Since the fiber tissue is formed using water, it is 100% eco-friendly product without any chemicals. This product has excellent water absorption and easy dehydration.

Cotton Nonwoven Fabric

  • Specification Manufacturing range: from 35 gsm to 180 gsm
  • Where to use Widely used as sanitary items, items other than medical devices, and women's cleaning products

Fabrics were made in such a way that natural cotton fiber tissues were entangled or glued together using high pressure water. They are also used in various filters for air cleaning and oil separation.

Key features

It is mainly used as a raw material for hygiene products such as wet wipes, cotton pads, masks, panty liners and diapers. In addition, it is a fabric used in a variety of non-medical items such as alcohol cotton and cotton wool, and is a 100% pure cotton product that can be mixed with rayon. This eco-friendly product, which has excellent water absorption, is fully biodegradable within 7 to 90 days.

Cotton Ball

  • Specification Manufacturable considering the required size in 450 g units
  • Where to use Wound protection, skin dirt removal, surgical gauze, etc.

This is skim and bleached cotton seed hair. It has light hair, good elasticity, good breathability, prevents the invasion of various germs in the air, and is a hygienic product with strong absorption of moisture. It is a product used as an essential sanitary material, especially in the medical field.

Key features

This is a 100% eco-friendly product with excellent breathability, antibacterial and absorbent properties. Considering the characteristics of the product, this cotton wool is mainly used as a hygienic material in the medical field.


  • Specification Large capacity 300 sheets, 1Kg, 2Kg (30 sheets 16 X 10 X 2cm)
  • Where to use Household goods for infants, patients, women. It is used in various ways in women's lives.

The wet tissues, which are soaked in water, are produced from natural, environmentally friendly raw materials. It contains no chemicals and is the best hygiene product for the human body. It can be used in various ways according to the user's use, and is particularly suitable for infants, women and patients with weak immunity.

Key features

It contains no chemical ingredients and preservatives for moisture management purposes, so it can be used in various sanitary applications.

Cotton Towel

  • Specification Large size of 30*40cm, convenient for multi-use.
    3 * 15.5* 12.5
  • Where to use Emergency medicine for hospital, work, home, outdoor activities.

Disposable sanitary towel made using 100% pure cotton. This disposable towel is an environmentally friendly product for cleaning, hiking and hygiene for infants and women.
As an eco-friendly product without chemical components, this towel is biodegradable when left in the natural environment after use.

Key features

Used for various purposes such as cleaning of infants and women, mountain climbing, exercise, surgery
This disposable towel has no skin irritation even when used after outdoor activities. If necessary, clean water can be used and it can be used on infants and sensitive female skin.

Surgi Cotton

  • Specification 11.8 * 12.5 * 8.3cm, 100 sheets, 200 sheets, 400 sheets
  • Where to use Emergency medicine for hospital, work, home, outdoor activities.

This is an advanced alcohol cotton made from 100% natural cotton and alcohol. This product, which belongs to non-medical products, has been tested for hygiene, economy, convenience and preservation. It is portable and useful for first aid use at home and outdoors.

Key features

This is a finished product made from 100% natural cotton and is convenient to use with alcohol.
It is easy to use as essential commodity for outdoor activities or at home and work.

Cotton Shroud

  • Specification Composed of 20 props for men, 19 props for women
  • Where to use Funeral halls, funeral industry

The outside of Hanji shroud is made of elegant Hanji, and the inside is made of cotton, giving a soft touch to the contact surface.
This functional shroud is based on the idea of using Korean paper for burial or tombing, according to the old saying that making a shroud from paper is good for bones.

Key features

This shroud is made by combining 100% natural cotton with Hanji and is annihilated about 10 days after burial.

Related Product

  • Specification In addition to existing products, it is possible to produce and supply various raw materials for products developed by customers.
  • Where to use Eco-friendly products, sanitary products, non-medical products, household goods using cotton.

The hygiene products produced by our company include sanitary napkins, women's cosmetics, diapers, masks, tissues and towels. Our non-medical supplies include fabrics of various products used as cotton, cotton wool, alcohol cotton, surgical gauze, and others. In addition, we produce our own independent products.
On request, we can also supply more products using our technology in a variety of ways.

Key features

Upon request for original product development, it is possible to proceed with it on mutual consultation with customers.